Ever heard of the saying that goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”?  If such is the case, then doctors wouldn’t like to prescribe an apple to their patients as this may put them out of business!  Seriously speaking though, an apple is a very healthy fruits as it contains no fat.  Instead, apples have compounds that fight the effects of cholesterol.

When is the Apple Tree Day in 2018?

Apple Tree Day is on January 6, 2018, a Saturday.

Apple Tree Day is always celebrated on the 6th day of the year each year.

Origin of the Apple Tree Day:

The Apple Tree Day started as a festival for an old apple tree almost two centuries old.  Through the years, its focus had changed on the fruit itself.  This special day is one of the food festivals observed to ensure awareness of its value in the food history.

Apple Tree Day celebration:

The simplest way to celebrate this day is to eat an apple as a fruit or a meal.  A toast can also be made with close friends and enjoy the day drinking apple cider.  For green thumbed people, planting an apple tree would be nice or enrolling on tree pruning classes.  In schools or offices, an apple-peeling contest may be done.

Eat An Apple Day:

Another special day on apples is the Eat an Apple Day.  This day is observed every September 21 of each year.  This day may be spent playing with friends, such as, catching apples.  It’s a nice day to bake an apple pie, make apple tarts or crunchy apple crumbles.  Visiting sick friends with a basket of freshly picked apples can also be a sweet way to celebrate the day.

Bean Day:

January 6 of each year also celebrates the Bean Day.  This special day has no recorded origin.  It may just be a perfect excuse to have community potluck parties where people come and bring their favourite bean dishes.  A barn dance would be nice to have on this day with fun activities, such as, bean-cleaning or a contest on an original bean recipe.

When is the 2019 Apple Tree Day?

Apple Tree Day is on January 6, 2019, a Sunday.