Humbug is a word mostly linked to a Charles Dickens’ created character, Ebenezer Scrooge.  I’m pretty sure you know that character pretty well!  He’s famous for being such a miser and how he hated Christmas.  Yet, on a Christmas Eve, he saw the real meaning and value of Christmas which turned out to be unquantifiable.  So, this year, let us join in the observance of the Humbug Day and see what we can learn of value.

When is Humbug Day in 2017?

Humbug Day is on December 21, 2017, a Thursday.

Humbug Day is always observed on the 21st day of December each year.

Origin and Purpose of the Humbug Day:

Humbug day is a holiday created and copyrighted by  It is a day which allows all people preparing for the holidays to vent their irritations and vexations.  It is also a day to bring out or find out the Scrooges in our community.  Best of all, this is the day to avoid being a Scrooge and see the real meaning of events in a person’s life.  It is a day to look beyond quantifiable possessions.

Observance of the Humbug Day:

Humbug Day had been aptly dated being just three days before Christmas Eve.  It is indeed the time when people rush through preparations and attendance of a variety of holiday functions.  It is also the time when people spend more money that what they usually spend in total for more or less half the year.

To make this special day special, we made a list of activities you may choose from in celebration of the event:

  • Invite a humbug friend to dinner at home and listen to all his complaints graciously;
  • Greet your humbug friends with e-Cards or e-Greetings;
  • Remind your friends of the event for the day; or,
  • Do some self-realization or personal examination on the probability of certain occasions in your life, during the year, where you acted like Scrooge.

When is the Humbug Day in 2018?

Humbug Day is on December 21, 2018, a Friday.