Are you one of the many who patronize science fiction movies?  I surely am!  But I appreciate science fiction stories in movies compared to reading it in books.  Probably this is because of the use of scientific and technical terms.  Watching science fiction movies save me time looking up difficult words in the dictionary!

When is the National Science Fiction Day in 2018?

National Science Fiction Day is on January 2, 2018, a Tuesday.

National Science Fiction Day is always on the second day of the year.

History of the National Science Fiction Day:

Isaac Asimov’s official birthday was chosen to be the unsanctioned National Science Fiction Day.  He is a prolific science fiction writer born in Russia in 1920.  At age three, his family migrated to the United States of America and registered his birth date as January 2.  He became famous in his creation of technically fabricated imaginings of mechanical or computerized devices or beings and space.

Purpose of the National Science Fiction Day:

Science fiction is a type of fiction with visionary content.  Its storyline is characterized by an ultramodern technology, settings and science which eventually contradicts a known past event.  Usual stories deal on space and time travel, life outside the planet earth or existence of a parallel universe.  Celebration of the day aims to create awareness of the need to learn living a possible future life.

National Science Fiction Day celebration:

Being celebrated on the day after New Year, it is usually observed by people, comfortably lounging on the sofa, watching science fiction movies all day through.  This is the day where meals, mostly New Year’s Day’s leftovers, are consumed in front of the television or home movie screen.  With a friend, it’s a perfect day to spend chilling at home.

When is National Science Fiction Day in 2019?

National Science Fiction Day is on January 2, 2019, a Wednesday.