When was the last time you had spaghetti?  How do you like your sauce made?  Do you prefer it made from tomatoes or cream and cheese?  Have you tried pesto?  Sauce mixture can also be cooked with an assorted variety ranging from meatballs, bacon, ham, shrimps, sliced mushrooms to shredded chicken.  Cheese toppings can also be plainly parmesan or a combination of various cheeses.

When is the National Spaghetti Day in 2018?

January 4, 2018, a Thursday, is the National Spaghetti Day. On March 17, 2018, a Saturday, United Kingdom will celebrate the National Spaghetti Day.

National Spaghetti Day is always observed on the 4th day of the year each year. United Kingdom also observes the National Spaghetti Day every 17th of March each year.

Origin of Spaghetti:

Spaghetti is the most common thin and long rounded type of pasta.  In Italian, it is translated to”little lines.”  In 1839, the Duke of Buonvicino created “Vermicelli co le pommodore.”  This started the use of tomato sauce in cooking spaghetti.  Prior to this, tomatoes were thought of as poisonous and were not yet used for cooking.

Boiling the dried noodles and served with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese is its traditional preparation. Records show, however, that it was the Arabs, during the 5th century, who created and brought the dried noodles to other countries.  It was, however, the Italians who revolutionized it by inventing an assortment of pasta shapes.

How is the National Spaghetti Day observed?

Cooling Italy’s national is a perfect way to celebrate the National Spaghetti Day.  To add flavour to the old-fashioned cooking of spaghetti, it is now cooked with meat, oil, garlic, pepper, salt, milk or herbs.  Experimenting on the many creative ways of preparing the meal is how schools observe the day.  For as long as the noodles are cooked firm or “al dente,” a new spaghetti dish is created.

For busy people, the simplest way to celebrate this food day is to savour a spaghetti meal in an Italian restaurant with the family, loved one or friends.  As the meal is partaken, trivia jokes or news can also be shared as the same day is also designated as Trivia Day in the United States of America.

National Spaghetti Day in the United Kingdom:

United Kingdom also observes the National Spaghetti Day every 17th of March each year.  This started in March 17, 1861 when Victor Emmanuel II was declared King of Italy.  This is the day when Italy became a unified nation for the first time after defeating the Kingdom of Naples.

When is the National Spaghetti Day in 2019?

The United States of America will observe the National Spaghetti Day on January 4, 2019, a Friday.

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