Music is a universal language.  Even without understanding the lyrics, especially if the song is written in a foreign language to the listener, the melody will still see it through the people.  It is this very essence of music which brought forth a cappella and the instrumental music.  Whichever way, music is a form of communication covering various purposes.

When is The Day When the Music Died in 2018?

The Day When the Music Died is on February 3, 2018, a Saturday.

The Day the Music Died is always observed on the third day of February each year in the United States of America.

The History of the Day When the Music Died:

This special geek day commemorates an aviation accident which happened in February 3, 1959 near Clear Lake, Iowa.  The crashing of the single engine 1947 Beechcraft Bonanza, piloted by Roger Peterson, resulted to his demise and that of famous rock-and-roll stars.  The mishap was attributed to pilot error and bad weather.

Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and J. P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson chartered a plane bound for Moorhead, Minnesota, the next stop of their Winter Party Dance Tour.  The rest of the band members followed aboard their tour bus, despite its lack of proper heating device, which caused them to be inflicted with flu and frostbite.

The Date the Music Died observance:

The annual memorial concerts at the Surf Ballroom, where the late stars held their last show before they passed away, started in 1979.  This day is also devoted in prayer and rediscovering the music immortalized by the late musicians in a private farmland owned by Ken Paquette.

It was in 1988 when a fan at Wisconsin, named Ken Paquette, erected in his farm, a stainless monument of a guitar and a set of three records, each bearing the name of the departed musicians.  The culminating activity is the after midnight procession to the crash site by the loyal fans.

When is The Day the Music Died in 2019?

The next observance of The Day when the Music Died will be on February 3, 2019, a Sunday.