Is a dragon truly a mythical object?  In many stories, dragons are generally creating havoc on human life.  Yet, they are also filled with wisdom and magic.  Today, they exist purely in literature and in the imagination of people. Despite that, lessons had been learned from them, and for this, they deserve an annual special day.

When is the Appreciate a Dragon Day in 2018?

Appreciate a Dragon Day is on January 16, 2018, a Tuesday.

Appreciate a Dragon Day is always observed on the 16th day of January each year.

Origin and Purpose of the Appreciate a Dragon Day:

Appreciate a Dragon Day had its inaugural observance in 2004 as initiated by Mrs. Paul to mark the release of DragonSpell.  Since then on, it had been observed annually to provide people the chance to explore the literary significance of dragons in human history and civilization.

Observance of the Appreciate a Dragon Day:

The Appreciate a Dragon Day is a day to be creative.  To celebrate it, you may:

  • Create art forms of your preferred literature dragon through drawings, paintings, poems, songs, comic strips, sketches, sculptures, stories or plays;
  • Host a contest in your community for the most imaginative dragon bookmark, mosaic or poster;
  • Visit your local orphanage and give them a dragon puppet show.  You may also include a dragon egg treasure hunt in the program where the winner gets a dragon stuffed toy as a prize;
  • Brush in reading stories of dragons;
  • Make a list of lessons learned from dragon stories and share them on the web;
  • Give dragon-themed gifts to friends and relatives, who are celebrating their life events on the same day.  For children, it may be a cake with dragon decorations.  For adults, a mug designed with a dragon.  For the elders, a dragon designed blanket would be nice; or,
  • Remind your friends of the day’s events and its significance through social media sites.

When is the Appreciate a Dragon Day in 2019?

Appreciate a Dragon Day is on January 16, 2019, a Wednesday.

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