Banana Split Day or National Banana Split Day is a special day for one of the favorite desserts in a hot day: Banana Split. If you have not had a banana split for quite some time, it is an excellent time to relish the palatableness of banana split.

Banana Split Day 2017

Banana Split Day 2017 will be celebrated on a Friday, August 25th.

Banana Split Day is celebrated every year at August 25th.

Banana Split Day Origin

There are no verifiable records about Banana Split Day’s beginning. Everyone is, however, welcome to join and enjoy the Banana Split Day.

Banana Split- What is it?

A banana split is basically served with an ice cream. The banana is split in two, lengthwise style, thus the name, banana split. The dessert is topped with variations of ice cream namely vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or more in between the row between the banana split. It is often catered in a long dish.

Banana Split- How it Came to Be

In 1904, David Evans Strickler was on his apprenticeship as a pharmacist at Tassel Pharmacy. Since he was fond of creating sundaes at the store’s soda fountain, he accidentally produced the first banana split: it was a banana with three ice cream sundaes. Eventually, this new dessert invention became a hit through word of mouth and referrals. Since its invention, it acquired different variations which made it more appetizing to people.

Have a Blast on Banana Split Day

To honor National Banana Split Day, it will only be reasonable to eat banana split. But to make it more enjoyable, why not try its variations? There are different sorts of banana splits; if you will have a taste of them, you will have greater appreciation for banana splits. Also, your Banana Split Day experience will be more worthwhile if shared with family and friends. So, don’t forget to share this sweet indulgence moment with them.

Banana Split Day 2018

Banana Split Day 2018 will be celebrated on a Saturday, August 25th.

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