Boston Tea Party day 2017

The Boston Tea party was basically a protest done by the American patriots of the Sons of Liberty. The protest was very non-violent and was done against the British Empire. The East India tea manufacturing company started to charge the American a huge amount of taxes which were not legal or authorized. The American Patriots, dressed like Indians, threw all the tea supplied from Britain in to the sea and from this day, a history began which is celebrated in the form of the Boston Tea Party Day.

When is Boston Tea Party day 2017?

Boston Tea Party Day will be celebrated in 2017 on Saturday, 16th December.

Boston Tea Party Day is celebrated all around the world, every year on 16th December.

Origin of the Boston Tea Party day:

The East India company was a British tea manufacturing company, crashed in some financial crisis. To settle themselves financially, they inforced illegal taxes over the people of America. The British ruled over the United States at that time and the people of the USA were fad up by the Government. The Boston Tea Party was a striving step of the patriotic Americans towards their independence and their revolution. The protest took place in the year 1773 on December 16th. The Sons of Liberty, a patriotic group in the USA, disguised themselves as Indians to show themselves a part of the East India company. They demolished all the tea containers and threw the boxes and chests of tea into the great Boston harbor.

Although, after this act the British Government took notice and responded very aggressively towards the people of America. The government did everything to demolish their economy but in the end, the Americans got what they deserved and they now living separately and independently as super power of this world. The Boston Tea Party became a memorable event since then.

How to celebrate Boston Tea Party day?

This historical day should be celebrated with all zeal and zest. There are a number of things you can do to celebrate the Boston Tea Party day. Some of which are as under:

  • Visit the historical Boston Tea Party Museum in Fort Point Channel with your family and friends.
  • Watch a movie regarding Boston Tea Party and invite your friends to celebrate the day with you.
  • Celebrate the anniversary of Boston Tea Party at your own house.
  • Make something special in the memory of the patriots of America and pray for their wellness in heaven. 

When is Boston Tea Party day 2018?

Boston Tea Party Day will be celebrated in 2018 on Sunday, 16th December.