Brownielocks Day is one fun holiday of special origin.  It is an extraordinary day which a lot of kids all over the world must be looking forward to.  And why is this so?  Well, is it not exciting to find out what Brownielocks have in store for all its avid visitors and business partners?  And more so if they happen to have brown hair!

When is Brownielocks Day in 2017?

Brownielocks Day is on November 24, 2017, a Friday.

Brownielocks Day is always observed all over the world on the 24th day of November each year.

Origin and Purpose of the Brownielocks Day:

November 24, 1999 marks the birthday of the Brownielocks website.  It was created to mark its creation date and to be shared as a special day for all people with brown hair.  Their website’s logo sports a lady with a large curly brown hair with three bears.  For the last five years or so, this website had featured a lot of special days ranging from known holidays to bizarre days.

Observance of the Brownielocks Day:

Here is a list of fun ways to participate in this year’s observance of the Brownielocks Day:

  • Have your hair curled and wavy;
  • Be proud of your brown hair;
  • Hug a brunette, as suggested in the Brownielocks website;
  • Wear brown clothes, make-up and accessories;
  • Give presents to birthday celebrants of the day of anything brown, such as a teddy bear or a gift certificate for a hair dye at a saloon with the provision that the color of the hair dye to be used should be brown;
  • Take your teddy to school at work for the day;
  • Help create awareness of this special day by reminding your friends through social media sites;
  • Buy a tee-shirt from Brownielocks;
  • Send Brownielocks a picture of you and your brunette friends with a special birthday greeting; or,
  • Send E-cards to your friends with brown hair, be it real or dyed.

When is the Brownielocks Day in 2018?

Brownielocks Day is on November 24, 2018, a Saturday.