Stress is the body’s method of reacting to challenge or a stressor.  If unmanaged, this can lead to burn out.  As the human body is governed by instinct to protect itself, a stressed person, at times, unconsciously do things to release stress.  The most common stress releases are oblivious movements of the fingers, such as, popping a bubble wrap!

When is the Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day in 2018?

The Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is on January 29, 2018, a Monday.

The Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is always celebrated on the last Monday of January each year.

The Origin of the Bubble Wrap:

At Hawthorne, New Jersey, Al Fielding, an engineer, and Marc Chavannes, a Swiss inventor, attempted to invent plastic wallpaper with paper backing in 1957.  Though they failed, they ended up creating the bubble wrap which is useful in packing fragile items for moving or protect a gift.

In 1960, they officially went into business under the corporate name of Sealed Air Corporation.  The company is now the prime worldwide manufacturer of numerous protective and specialty packaging and cushioning materials with an annual income of more than three billion USD.  Bubble wraps are available online and comes in different colours.

 The Origin of the Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day:

“Spirit 95” FM Radio Station created the Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day in 2001 by conducting bubble wrap contests, such as, popping relays, sculpting or creating toys and fashion design.  Eventually, online bubble wrap games were created by Sealed Air Corporation.

The Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day celebration:

On this special day, all are encouraged to pop sheets of bubble wrap or aeroplast proudly.  People are also urged to join social media groups, fans clubs and play bubble wrap games virtually.  Joining the program at the “Spirit 95” FM radio station during the special day is also promoted.

On the other hand, the Sealed Air Corporation sponsors an annual Bubble Wrap Competition for Young Inventors.  This contest invites children to create the most state-of-the-art product using bubble wrap as the foremost material.  The roster of winning entry is a floating garden, a mobile phone cover, a transformable kite kit and a swing for children with movement disorders.

When is the Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day?

The Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is on January 28, 2019, a Monday.