Reading through special days observed on the second day of February gives one a feeling of awe!  How can many countries celebrate simultaneously similar events given different names?  This opens a person’s suspicion that, probably, the land mass of the world were not so separated afar by oceans.  Well, if one considers the Holy Bible, it is no wonder at all!

When is the Crepe Day in 2018?

Crepe Day is on February 2, 2018, a Friday.

Crepe Day is always observed on the second day of February each year in France and other European countries.

The Origin of the Crepe Day:

The Crepe Day is the French Candlemas known as la Chandeleur.  It is the feast of the presentation of the baby Jesus to the Temple.  It also marks the purification of the Virgin Mary and the blessing of candles.  In Spain, this event is called Candelaria.

This occasion happens every forty days after Christmas with pagan roots and linked with many rituals and misconceptions today.  It is also similar to the Groundhog Day observed in the United States and Canada as both events touches on folklore beliefs pertaining to predictions on the future.

The Crepe Day Legend:

Crepes are thin, French-style and crispy cakes cooked in pans similar to pancakes.  The latter though are thicker and served differently.  The former’s classic serving is with lemon and sugar filling.  Nowadays, it may be served with jam, chocolate and fruits.

On Crepe Day, while cooking crepe, it’s required that the writing hand should be holding a coin while the other hand holds the crepe pan.  When it is time to flip the crepe, the weak hand holding the pan should be able to catch the crepe without damaging it.  If successful, it is believed that the New Year will be a better one.

The Crepe Day celebration:

The Crepe Day marks the beginning of the extra two hours of sunlight each day.  Thus, celebrating it would be perfect for a crepe party and drinking the traditional hard apple cider.  In the community level, a candle procession may be organized.  For those wanting a quaint and solemn observance, electric lights may be turned off and replaced by blessed lighted candles.

When is the Crepe Day in 2019?

Crepe Day is on February 2, 2019, a Saturday.