Who is not familiar with the famous Muppet character in Sesame Street, Cookie Monster? Everybody knows him and his avaricious appetite for cookies. Cookie Monster Day is self-proclaimed holiday because it is his birthday.

When is Cookie Monster Day 2017

Cookie Monster Day 2017 is celebrated on Thursday, November 2nd.

Cookie Monster Day is observed every year on the 2nd of November.

Cookie Monster Day Origin

Cookie Monster is blue furry character with googly eyes who always says “Me want cookie” “Me eat cookie”. He frequently eats everything and everything but his favourite is a chocolate chip cookies.

He was first presented in the famous Sesame Street, created by Jim Henson and appeared in a General Foods commercial. From then on, he became famous and one of the adored character in the longest running American children’s television series.

There is no factual information about its origin except for a fact that it is his birthday, however there are plenty of reasons why this holiday is to be seized and enjoyed most especially by lovers of cookies.

Ways to Have a Good Time this Cookie Monster Day

It’s time to enjoy and have a good time this special day, so the main event should be Cookies! Cookies! Cookies! All the kids out there and even the adults have an excuse to eat and have varieties of cookies in their table. It’s good every now and then to go back to your childhood routines for a while and bring back the joy and the simplicity of life children possess.

Here are some ways to celebrate:

  1. Prepare a cookie monster cake for the family to eat.
  2. Have a cookie monster kiddie party with cookie monster costumes.
  3. Watch the recorded series of Sesame Street.
  4. Buy yourself a giant Cookie Monster stuff toy and make it your pillow.
  5. You may want to paint your room with cookie monster’s colour.
  6. Buy a cookie monster jar to store and preserve your cookies.
  7. Decorate a cookie monster image to your ready-made cupcakes.
  8. Invite the kids to your house and teach them how to make a simple cookie monster puppet.
  9. Collect cookie monster accessories such as hat, pillow, socks, backpacks, puppets, t-shirts, mugs, and many more.

There are plenty of fun and exciting ideas to do this Cookie Monster Day. The essence is to be happy and slow down for a bit.

Cookie Monster Day 2018

Cookie Monster Day 2018  will take place on a Friday, November 2.