Gingerbread House Day 2017

The Gingerbread House day is celebrated on more than one day. Many Gingerbread houses competitions take place on different dates. The holiday is about having fun in making the most tallest and the most delicious Gingerbread houses and then eating them with your family and friends. The idea of making a Gingerbread house is adopted from the children’s story, Hansel and Gretel. The houses are made with ginger, spice and sweets and decorated with delicious candies, topped with icing.

When is the Gingerbread House day 2017?

The Gingerbread House day will be celebrated in the year 2017 on Tuesday, 12th of December.

Origin of the Gingerbread House day:

The exact origin and the reason behind its celebration on different dates is not yet confirmed. The main reason behind this confusion could be the Gingerbread house building competitions which are advertised by the name of Gingerbread house day, which actually refers to the competition. We researched hard to find the facts behind the origin of this day but, unfortunately, couldn’t find any strong points. Even though, the Gingerbread house day is still celebrated and is a holiday too.

Celebration of the Gingerbread House day:

  • Celebrate the Gingerbread House day by inviting your friends over your house to arrange a Gingerbread house building contest.
  • Have a party with your family, enjoy shopping with them and avail the discounts on many shopping centers.
  • Greet your loved ones via greeting cards.

When is the Gingerbread House day 2018?

The exact date for the celebration of the Gingerbread House day for the year 2018 is on Wednesday, 12th of Decembe.