Are you fond of nuts? Give yourself the green light to go nuts this Grab Some Nuts Day. Certainly you read it right, there is a specific day for you to delight in your favorite nuts. This August 3rd, make sure not only to nibble nuts, but to make it more enjoyable than usual.

Grab Some Nuts Day 2017

Grab Some Nuts Day this year will fall on a Thursday, August 3rd.

Grab Some Nuts Day is always celebrated on August 3rd.

Grab Some Nuts Day Origin

There were no reliable records to verify the origin of Grab Some Nuts Day. Still, it is favorably celebrated not only among nut lovers but among nut eaters in general.

Nut-ritional Facts about Nuts

Aside from nuts being utterly accessible and inexpensive, it is also conveniently nutritious. Firstly, it is a good supplement for the heart. As you munch your favorite snacks, you also help yourself to lower heart attack risk. It contains heart-strengthening nutrients such as unsaturated fats which reduce bad cholesterol levels, omega-3 fatty acids which help prevent any risky heart rhythms that could eventually lead to heart attacks, vitamin E which helps to hinder any plaque-building developments in your arteries and L-arginine which helps improve the flexibility of artery walls that will reduce your chance to blood clots.

It is important to note that although nuts contain heart-friendly nutrients, it is a suggestion to eat them in moderation. Make sure to balance your meal well and cut back on saturated fats found in your daily meal.

Go Nuts this Nuts Day

Sure on regular days, perhaps as an afternoon snack, you eat nuts straight out of the container. But since it’s Nuts Day, why not make it special?

Try your hands on:

  1. Peanut butter cookies
  2. Curried Cashews
  3. Spicy Peanut Caramel Corn
  4. Russians Nut Cakes
  5. Chili Lime Peanuts   

These nut varieties are organized in selected websites. But it’s Nuts Days, so you are of course, very welcome to try not only on the listed recipes but also to add your personal version of nut recipes.

Grab Some Nuts Day 2018

Grab Some Nuts Day 2018 will fall on a Friday, August 3rd.