When was the last time you visited a mountain community?  Have you observed how different their life is compared to those living in the cities?  But the air is definitely fresher in the mountain areas, thinner too, due to its altitude.  And their home-grown vegetables and root crops have a distinct fresh organic taste!

When is the International Mountain Day in 2017?

The International Mountain Day is on December 11, 2017, a Monday.

The International Mountain Day is always observed worldwide on the 11th day of December, each year.

Origin and Purpose of the International Mountain Day:

The inaugural observance of the International Mountain Day was in 2003.  It was created in December of 2002, as part of the closing event of the United Nation’s observance of the International Year of Mountains.  This special day is a UN event through its Food and Agriculture Organization which aims to increase awareness of mountain area communities and their role in providing water, recreation and food.

The International Mountain Day 2014 Theme:

Each year, the International Mountain Day follows a theme which serves as basis for their activities and events.  For 2014, the theme is Mountain Farming, which is usually family agriculture in mountainous areas all over the world.  Through centuries, this had proved itself to be a model for viable development.

This year’s focus is to invite investments for mountain areas to enable its residents to generate more income through improving aspects on tourism, handicrafts and mountain products.  Through infusion of adequate investment in the mountain areas, this program seeks to improve access to resources by the farmers.

International Mountain Day Observance:

The usual activities on this special day are participated by a lot of people and groups globally:

  • Book fairs;
  • Student lectures in line with the year’s theme;
  • Press and social events;
  • Symposia;
  • School and civic groups’ field trips; and,
  • Workshops.

When is the International Mountain Day in 2018?

The International Mountain Day is on December 11, 2018, a Tuesday.

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