Each of us follows a certain daily routine.  Due to cultural, professional and societal norms, our daily actions are governed by what is acceptable.  Wouldn’t it be great if we had a day each year when we can just do whatever we felt like doing without considering what other people would say?

When is the International Ninja Day in 2017

The International Ninja Day is on December 5, 2017, a Tuesday.

The International Ninja Day is always celebrated on the fifth day of December each year.

The Origin of the International Ninja Day:

This funny holiday started in 2003 as a marketing concept adopted by the Ninja Burger.  Since then on, it had been celebrated annually.  This marketing concept stresses on the speed of delivery of the Ninja Burger.  Ninjas, after all, are well known for their exceptional agility and skills.

The Ninjas first began to emerge as an uprising against the rich and influential Samurais in Japan.  Ninjas have been known to be fighting all the time with only one purpose in life – to kill.  Eventually, the Chinese monks adopted Japan’s old martial arts and started opening Ninja schools.

How the International Ninja Day is celebrated:

The all-black attire is the Ninja’s traditional clothing.  During the International Ninja Day, people would disguise themselves wearing this costume.  It’s also a perfect day to play pranks on friends and office mates.  Ninja films are also shown on this day.  In certain communities or schools, fun games, quizzes and ninja related activities are done.  Depending on a person’s creativity, this holiday can be observed.

But when we really stop and ponder on this hilarious day, the International Ninja Day is a breather in a person’s normal daily routine.  This day gives a person the perfect excuse to do differently from the set norms.  It’s a day where one is free to do as he would do had there been no set rules to be followed.

When is the International Ninja Day in 2018:

The International Ninja Day shall be observed next year in December 5, 2018, a Wednesday.