Five to six days a week, we focus on our livelihood.  One or two days a week, we shift on affairs of the family or friends.  So we really don’t have much time to do things that we personally like to do.  Very rare indeed are moments spent doing things just for the heck of fun and enjoyment!

When is the International Puzzle Day in 2018?

The International Puzzle Day is on January 29, 2018, a Monday.

The International Puzzle Day is always celebrated every 29th of January each year worldwide.

The Origin of Puzzles and the International Puzzle Day:

The special day was created in 1995 by game companies in the United States of America.  However, the first jigsaw puzzle was created by a British engraver and mapmaker, John Spilsbury, in 1760.  In the early twentieth century, magazines and newspaper published a puzzle contest as a marketing scheme.  It was successful and tremendously increased subscriptions.

The first International Puzzle Day was celebrated on January 29, 2004.  It’s a day to go back to the basics of problem solving through doing jigsaw puzzles, solving crosswords or completing a Rubik’s cube.  This can be quite frustrating to some friends who are more adept on digital entertainment.  Puzzles are a form of exercise for the brain.  It is an enigma that tests the ingenuity and intelligence of the solver

The International Puzzle Day observance:

Puzzles are available in all sizes, forms and shapes.  It appeals to all ages and is actually a recommended toy for babies six months and older.  Studies disclosed that people with a high inductive reasoning aptitude are better at solving puzzles.  Puzzles based on the process of analysis and detection to complete or make whole are finished faster by those with great deduction skills.

Being a day for fun by doing something out of the ordinary, the best way to spend the day is to join or organize jigsaw puzzle competitions in teams.  It can be a perfect fundraising campaign for various school clubs and organization.  Another way is to do a recent puzzle rage called Sudoku.  It is a long number puzzle solved through use of logic and reasoning.

When is the International Puzzle Day in 2019?

The International Puzzle Day is on January 29, 2019, a Tuesday.