Is there any venture that you would like to try, regardless of its reasonability? The first thing that comes to your mind is your deed for the day. As the day suggests, Just Because Day is an excellent time for you to do it just because.

Just Because Day 2017

Just Because Day 2017 will occur on a Sunday, 27th of August.

Just Because Day is celebrated every year at August 27.

Just Because Day Origin

Just Because Day’s origin has unavailable archives. Although Just Because Day might have inaccessible archives, still, it will be a good idea to participate in it.

Simply Because It’s Just Because Day

Nowadays, it is accustomed to accomplish something with a goal in mind. It is not necessarily wrong but would you agree that a deed, especially if it is a kind deed, would be more meaningful if done simply because you wanted to? Since it’s Just Because Day, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to spread goodness simply because you fancy doing so. What do you have in mind?

How to Take Part in Just Because Day

  1. Surprise someone today. Whether it’s someone you see on a daily basis, or someone you haven’t seen for awhile, spread a dash of amazement on his or her face. It doesn’t have to be grand, as long as it comes from the heart, your deed will surely be appreciated.
  2.  Indulge in a sumptuous treat. Ever wanted to delight in that favorite dish yet you always hesitated because of its fat content? Yes, the one in mind is waiting for you to savor it.
  3.   Go to a place you haven’t been yet, ever. If you mean it to be grand, go to that impressive place you’ve been eyeing on. If you mean it to be simple, try that route you have not passed yet on your way to school or work. You might be surprised and refreshed of the new scenery it will offer.
  4. Clean that area. Unless you are an especially tidy person, we all have that one place in our home we don’t always get the chance to clean perhaps because of its almost invisibility.  Why not tidy it up on Just Because Day..well, just because?
  5. Extend your goodness to animals. Do you see any stray cat or dog anywhere your place? Why not provide them with special care?

The list goes on. As long as it doesn’t harm anyone and it is done in moderation, just do it. Have fun just because.. on Just Because Day!

Just Because Day 2018

Just Because Day 2018  will occur on a Monday, 27th of August.