Lemon juice, that refreshing drink that proved wonders to our health has a special day. Lemon Juice Day is an opportune day for you not only to relish its benefits but to be invigorated also.

When is Lemon Juice Day 2017

Lemon Juice Day 2017 will be celebrated on a Tuesday, August 29th.

Lemon Juice Day is always celebrated every year at August 29.

Lemon Juice Day Origin

Lemon Juice Day’s origin has no historical files. It is encouraged still to enjoy the invigorating drink and celebrate Lemon Juice Day with everyone else.

Lemon Juice Wonders

1) Sore throat remedy. With a teaspoon of honey on the other hand and a lemon on the other, its combination can appease a throat’s irritation.

2) A good start to your day. A warm glass of lemon juice early in the morning could have a rousing effect on you. It gives your digestive track an energizing effect. It also gives an added vitamin C to your body.

3) An aid to a fever day. When one’s temperature goes up, a glass of lemon juice mixture could aid you to level down the heat.

4) A kidney saver. A half-cup of lemon juice daily could prevent kidney stones formation. Lemon juice raises urine’s citrate level and could therefore deflect calcium stones in the kidney.

5) An itch repellant. You can put away those pricey itch ointments for a moment and try on a mixture of lemon juice and cornstarch– it is the inexpensive aid for your itch.

Lemon Juice Day Appreciation

When you hear the words lemon juice, one can often say offhandedly, ‘it’s just one of those juices!’ Still, if you appreciate it closely, lemon juice does have lots of benefits.

Lemon Juice Day is all about that, appreciation for the daily wonders it could do in our lives. To expand your knowledge more, delve on the lemon juice benefits. But for a start, you could apply the above mentioned lemon juice wonders.

May you have a fun and refreshing Lemon Juice Day!

Lemon Juice Day 2018

Lemon Juice Day 2018  will be celebrated on a Wednesday, August 29th.