Are you one of those people who are passionately fascinated with hats?  Wearing hats and head gears had been part of mankind’s history.  If you doubt me, go check the nearest museum and see paintings of ancient times.  You need not even go that far.  Check the web and see for yourself.  Isn’t that enough reason for you to join this year’s celebration of Make a Hat Day?

When is the Make a Hat Day in 2017?

Make a Hat Day is on September 15, 2017, a Friday.

Make a Hat Day is always observed worldwide on the 15th day of September each year.

Origin and Purpose of the Make a Hat Day:

Despite extensive research conducted, we could not find any official record as to the origin and purpose of this special day.  It had been deduced though that this may had been created by preschool teachers to formalize their ice breaker activity.  As the date of its observance is during the start of the school season, making a hat is one of those popular activities engaged by teachers with their very young students.

Observance of the Make a Hat Day:

The Make a Hat day is a fun day for all preschool, elementary and kindergarten students and instructors.  This day is always observed as the time to teach young children how to make hats and their value to mankind.  This day calls for a lot of creativity in making and wearing hats especially designed to serve its chosen purpose.

What is a hat and why are they made for?

Hats, defined as coverings for the head, are created:

  • As protection from too much sunlight, strong winds, snow and sudden rain;
  • For safety purposes, as in the case of helmets;
  • To signify social standing, as shown in historical records;
  • For spiritual and official uses; or,
  • As a fashion statement.

When is Make a Hat Day in 2018?

The Make a Hat Day is on September 15, 2018, a Saturday.

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