Who would be audacious enough to say that he or she doesn’t love chocolates? I bet there’s none. Chocolate is considered as one of the famous flavours worldwide. This National Chocolate Day, there’s nothing wrong if you indulge yourself on eating different shapes and sizes of chocolates.

When is National Chocolate Day 2017

National Chocolate Day will be on Saturday, 28th of October. Some people celebrate National Chocolate Day on Friday, 7th of July.

National Chocolate Day is always celebrated on October 28.

National Chocolate Day Origin

National Chocolate Day is one of the most delightful unofficial holidays observed by people who love chocolates so much, that they almost forgot their routines and even their names when coddling to a sweet, creamy, mouth-watering taste of chocolates. You may think of varieties of it, even for now that you’ll most likely end up craving to have some, so indulge in and take pleasure!

Chocolate is a processed, classically sweetened food produced from the seed of the tropical Theobroma cacao tree. Cacao’s earliest documented use was around 1100 BC where they made a chocolate beverage which has a very bitter taste. In order to get into its well-developed and succulent flavour, it has to undergo the process of fermentation. It takes about thousands of years to be in its perfect state, how ancient isn’t it?

Today, chocolate is widely used as ingredients in food and drinks worldwide and most commonly an object of important celebrations every year such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and many others.

There may be no factual information about the day’s origin nor there is any proclamation about the formal observance of this holiday, but for chocoholics, it really doesn’t matter whether it’s official or not. What matters is they have a set time to relish and satisfy their cravings and yearnings for chocolates.

Whoop it up this National Chocolate Day

Some people are just so simply sceptical about eating a high volume of chocolates because it has a maximum level of fats, which are unsafe for people suffering from obesity.  But countless studies are made that chocolate has a substance that lowers the blood pressure level, provides energy to your entire system, sharpens the brain and fosters the cardiovascular health. Dark chocolates have antioxidants that protect the skin from UV rays. It is also encumbered with fiber that aids in digestion.

Today grab a hold of this tasty and delicious holiday, whoop it up with your friends, relatives and loved ones. Make it special as it is and memorable for everybody. Chocolates become sweeter when it is shared with people around you.

The following are the ways to make an excuse of your indulgence in chocolates:

  • Bake a triple chocolate cake for your family, served with hot chocolate. Make it extra special by putting a note that says, “Eat all you can”
  • Surprise a friend with her favourite brand of chocolate.
  • Treat yourself to a chocolate spa therapy and treatment. It’s relaxing than ever.
  • Have a chocolate fountain in your house and have your kids dip their cookies and biscuits in it.
  • If you have offended someone, Bake a chocolate pudding with chocolate syrup on top of it as your peace offering
  • Make an effort to treat your family with extra ordinary recipe of chocolate cake that they never had tasted before.
  • You may go to orphanage and give out different sizes and shapes of chocolate bars and candies to the children there.

National Chocolate Day 2018

National Chocolate Day will be celebrated on a Sunday, 28th of October.

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