Have you ever tried to eat different kinds of nuts in your table in just one sitting? If you did, I must say you are a nut-lover and you got to know this: National Nut Day is a special holiday that recognizes the healthy and nutritional value of nuts. Good things indeed come in small packages. You never know what you got until you open it. So all nut-lovers out there rejoice and seize the day.

When is National Nut Day 2017

National Nut Day is on Sunday, 22nd of October.

National Nut Day is celebrated and observed every year on October 22.

National Nut Day Origin

National Nut Day is conventionally celebrated in the USA and was launched in UK by Liberation Foods CIC, the 100% Fairtrade nut company co-owned by farming societies in some of the world’s shoddier nations. There is no identified information as to where this day originated, how it started, and the reason behind its celebration is ambiguous and vague. However, thanks to the ones who created it because we have lots of reason to simply celebrate this day. Knowing the fact that nuts are super healthy because they are a great source of proteins, many vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, and fiber that aids in digestion; the sad part is not all are eating enough of them for some reasons. Some nuts are playing a big role in preventing chronic heart diseases and lowering the cholesterol levels in the body.

For some communities around the world, nuts are their staple food. That’s amazing because a handful of nuts in your hand can make you skip one meal because of the amount of calories it contains is almost equivalent to a regular meal a day. You won’t feel hungry until your next mealtime.

Paint the Town Red This National Nut Day

Though, it is said to be an unofficial holiday, nut-aficionados are taking advantage of this day because it’s their chance to  spread out the news about the so many benefits of eating nuts in our health and also to our environment.

Here are some few ways that I think will be fair to all who wants to appreciate the value of nuts in our daily living

  1. If you are used to eat only one to two kinds of nuts, try eating variety of nuts today. Top nutritious, hale and hearty nuts I must say are Almonds, Pecans, Hazelnuts, Cashew, Brazil nuts, Pine nuts and Macadamia nuts which I believe is the most expensive nut.
  2. Make it more nutritious by simply eating it raw instead of a flavoured and cooked nuts mixed with artificial flavourings and oils that may lessen its nutrients.
  3. Do watch a movie with the family have all different kinds of nuts as your snack instead of a traditional popcorn and beverage.
  4. Buy some ice cream with almonds and cashew to satisfy your cravings.
  5. If you know how to make nut cookies, bake some for your kids and have them taste the joy of eating it.

National Nut Day 2018

National Nut Day falls on a Monday, 22nd of October.