National Taco Day or Taco Day is a special day dedicated to a Mexican delicacy: tacos! People who live in the U.S. enjoy this day either by having free to discounted tacos.

National Taco Day 2017

National Taco Day 2017 will be celebrated on a Wednesday, October 4th.

National Taco Day is celebrated annually every 4th of October.

National Taco Day Origin

Taco’s tastiness is not only limited to Western countries. People across the globe have certain appreciation for taco. Originally, taco has roots in Mexico, specifically in the valley of Mexico.  According to the evidence, indigenous people in that area used tacos with a small fish filling. Taco documentation went further as Bernal Diaz del Castillo wrote about how it was first enjoyed by the Europeans. As documented by del Castillo, Hernan Cortes prepared a meal which included tacos for his captains in Coyoacan. It is, however, unclear how a certain celebration for taco came about. Inspite of its lack of history, everyone is encouraged to enjoy a taco of their preference.

Five Facts About Taco

  1. Customarily, a taco is eaten without any utensils. It is often paired with salsa, cilantro, tomatoes and other garnishes.
  2. A taco can have several fillings. Example: beef, chicken, vegetable, seafood and many others.
  3. A taco is a Mexican dish. It is made of a wheat tortilla and rolled around a filling.
  4. Indian tacos use frybread as its main ingredient instead of tortillas.
  5. 5) Taco Bell Corp. is the most popular taco restaurant. You can see varieties of taco and burrito in their menu but they also serve other Mexican-inspired viands.

It’s Taco Day!

One of the enjoyable ways to enjoy Taco Day is to eat taco. But since it’s Taco Day, why not step up the enjoyment and try out its variations? It is the most opportune time to do so especially if you live in the US since they offer free to discounted tacos across different restaurants.

So, mark your calendars, call up some family or friends and make sure not to miss the opportunity to take part in the celebration.  Happy National Taco Day!

National Taco Day 2018

National Taco Day 2018 will be celebrated on a Thursday, October 4th.