Have you always been early your whole life?  Have you ever been late since elementary, high school or college, even when you started working?  Or are you the opposite?  Is punctuality not part of your vocabulary?  Well, Be Late for Something Day is just the holiday for you.  Whether you’re always early or late, as long as you will not be on time for any event on this day, that’s how the celebration goes.

When is Be Late for Something Day 2017?

Be Late for Something Day 2017 is on Tuesday, September 5th.

Be Late for Something Day is celebrated once a year on September 5th.

How did Be Late for Something Day begin?

There is no known official proclamation about this day.  But whoever created this day must have just wanted to end the monotony of living life on the fast lane.  Every day, everything should be on schedule because there are other things to do or there are people waiting.  The creator of this holiday could’ve thought about trying to relax and just be late for once.  Or he could have always been tardy that he wants other people to join him.  

What will people do on Be Late for Something Day?

They can do just one thing: be late.  But of course, cooks, medical practitioners and some businesses shouldn’t participate on this holiday.  Food cannot be over cooked or left to spoil because it wasn’t kept on time.  Death resulting in delay of medical attention is a felony.  And for establishments being late means no money, no food and no living.

Perhaps office workers can be late for just 1-2 minutes.  Then again that might be 1min minus from the salary.  Students can go to school late as long as they can catch up with the lesson.  Airplane flights have delays sometimes, so that can be ok.  Provided, no one gets hurt or being late did not cause serious harm.

The Balance

Actually, what Be Late for Something Day message for everyone is that time should also be given balance.  There should always be a schedule to keep but every chore, every task, every report; should be completed at least within that day.  Setbacks such as work piling up can be remedied by being organized such as multi-tasking or prioritizing or by classifying tasks from easy to difficult.

People should not be too up-tight that their always punctual is scaring colleagues away.  Or their being late is the butt of other people’s jokes.  Being late or early depends on how a person was brought up to see and do activities.  If a person grew up in a family who is always on time, or being late is already a family tradition, it will not matter.  What counts is the quality of the work produced by an individual.

When is Be Late for Something Day 2018?

Be Late for Something Day 2018 is on Wednesday, September 5th.

Remember: Quality over Quantity. Have a nice Be Late for Something Day 🙂

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