One of the favourite summer treats is the creamsicle.  Though the word “creamsicle” is, in reality, a brand for a frozen delight on stick, it has become a common word.  This delightful food is created by Popsicle, which refers to ice on stick.  So, do not forget to splurge on creamsicle on this year’s National Creamsicle Day!

When is the National Creamsicle Day in 2017?

The National Creamsicle Day is on August 14, 2017, a Monday.

The National Creamsicle Day is always observed, in the United States of America and Canada, on the 14th day of August, each year.

Origin and Purpose of the National Creamsicle Day:

Despite rigorous research conducted, no official record had been found on the origin and purpose of this fun food holiday.  It may be deduced to be created by the manufacturer or distributor of creamsicleIts purpose though is quite obvious and more so that its date is on a hot summer season.

Observance of the National Creamsicle Day:

The perfect way to observe this special day is to eat creamsicles as much as you can.  This day may also be spent creating homemade creamsicles consisting of vanilla cream coated by fruity flavoured ice.  Throwing a Popsicle afternoon party with friends and family would also be a nice way to celebrate the day.

Experimentations may also be made as to the coating of this popular ice on stick.  Instead of its traditional orange coating, you may try chocolate, plain or with sprinkles.  The usual sprinkles are popped rice, cereals or chopped nuts.  You may even try making twin creamsicle!

Origin of the Creamsicle:

The first creamsicle was created by accident in 1905 by Frank Epperson, an 11-year old child of Oakland, CA.

When is the National Creamsicle Day in 2018?

The National Creamsicle Day is on August 14, 2018, a Tuesday.

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