National Ice Cream Sandwich Day 2017

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day or Ice Cream Sandwich day is an event people who love sweets can look forward to.  The celebration is about making an ice cream sandwich.  Since both the ice cream and the sandwich are popular foods, combining both is such an interesting treat.

When is Ice Cream Sandwich Day 2017?

Ice Cream Sandwich Day is on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017.

Ice cream day  is always celebrated on August 2nd.

What will people do on Ice Cream Sandwich Day?

The “ice cream sandwich” is the star of this day.  In ice cream parlors, stores and homes these delectable desserts are made then eaten.  This usually comprises of two wafers or cookies with ice cream in between them.  The wafers, cookies and ice cream can come in different flavors. Sometimes nuts and other toppings are added. The concept of this holiday is to put ice cream in between two kinds of food and eating them together.

How did Ice Cream Sandwich Day begin?

There is no documented official declaration of ice cream sandwich day.  But the ice cream sandwich has been around for a long time.  Perhaps the people who love them most want to share to the world how delicious an ice cream sandwich is.   The two popular foods, the ice cream and the sandwich each have a story of its own.

The Ice Cream and the Sandwich

The earliest records of ice cream making date back to the 10th century.  While the word “sandwich” came from John Montagu, 4th earl of Sandwich.  But now we have come to know that a “sandwich” is anything placed in between.  So the ice cream placed in between wafers, for example, is already an ice cream sandwich.  Creating an ice cream sandwich is very easy.

A sumptuous idea

The ice cream can also be placed in between pastries like breads and cakes.  Here’s a unique ice cream sandwich idea: two slices of bread, spread with sweet-and-creamy peanut butter on both sides then a scoop of chocolate marble ice cream on one bread then the other slice on top.  This can be drizzled with chocolate syrup.  The bread can also be made into French toast first before putting the peanut butter and ice cream.  Try it, it’s amazingly delicious!

When is Ice Cream Sandwich Day 2018?

Ice cream day next year will be on Thursday, August 2nd, 2018.

So, get ready with your plates, scoops and ideas! It will be a crunchy-chewy-creamy weekend!