National Popcorn Day 2018

It is a favorite partner while watching movies and a common sight in sports events.  It may be sweet, salty, spicy, cheesy or buttery. It may also be used in packaging materials or holiday decorations. What is it? You’re right, its popcorn! Has it been long since you treated yourself popcorn? Well, now is your chance to pop up some flavorful popcorn this Popcorn Day!

National Popcorn Day 2018

National Popcorn Day 2018 will be on Friday, January 19, 2018.

National Popcorn Day is celebrated every year on the 19th of January.

While National Popcorn Day is celebrated in January, National Popcorn Month is October. There are some sources that link National Popcorn Day to Super Bowl.

Popcorn History

Evidence of popcorn found in Peru appears to date from 4700 B.C. The popcorn business thrived and became popular during the Great Depression due to its inexpensive price. During World War II, because of the diminishing candy production, Americans consumed three times more popcorn than they did before. Six localities in the Midwestern United States claim to be ‘Popcorn Capital of the World’.

Why Popcorn Pops

Popcorn is a type of corn (Zea mays var. everta) that expands and puffs up when heat is applied. What is the reason behind the popping mechanism?

A popcorn kernel contains moisture and oil. The outer hull of the kernel is hard and moisture-proof while the interior consists of hard, dense starch. When heated, the moisture in the kernel turns into a superheated pressurized steam while the starch inside softens. As the pressure caused by the heat increases, the hull reaches its breaking point and ruptures rapidly. The pressure inside the kernel suddenly drops causing the steam to expand which corresponds to the expansion of the starch into airy foam. When the foam cools, the starch set into a crispy puff.

National Popcorn Day Celebration

  • Treat yourself a movie and grab some popcorn. If you can’t go to a theatre, you can watch a movie or sports at home while enjoying popcorn.
  • Are you a nature lover? Why not string popcorn and hung it outside for birds to eat?
  • If you are a sports lover, you can try playing popcorn air hockey.
  • You can read a book while eating popcorn.
  • Explore your cooking skills by making different kind of popcorns.
  • Discover facts about popcorn in the internet.

National Popcorn Day 2019

National Popcorn Day 2019 will be on Saturday, January 19, 2019.