National Radio Day is special day of honoring the importance of radio in mass communication. It is an opportune time to learn the timeline of radio and its involvement in the people’s lives.

 National Radio Day 2017

National Radio Day 2017 will happen on a Sunday, August 20th.

National Radio Day is commemorated every year at August 20th.

National Radio Day Origin

There was no recorded origin of National Radio Day. It is not an official national holiday, but everyone is encouraged to participate and appreciate the importance of radio.

Importance of Radio

Radio, a means of communication that uses electronic waves to publicize news, is an immediate source of information. It gave the mass a live production of the latest news, sports and even entertainment. Specifically, it became an imperative part of people’s lives for the following reasons:

  1. It offers a firsthand source of information to the listeners. Its informational transmission creates a vivid representation of news.
  2. It establishes more effective emotional connection with the listeners. One example of this is radio advertising.
  3. It has more portals like cell phones, internet streaming, etc. With additional portals, the more encouraged the listeners will be to participate.

National Radio Day Activities

  1. Firstly, tune in and listen to your preferred radio station.
  2. Since it is Radio Day, some radio stations have thought out plans for fun programs and competition events.
  3. Don’t miss out on the highlighted radio history. Particular radio stations feature this part of the program to inculcate the radio’s importance to the listeners.

National Radio Day 2018

National Radio Day 2018 will happen on a Monday, August 20th.

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