Have you ever attended a seed swap? Seed swapping is not exclusive to expert seed savers or skilled gardeners. Beginning gardeners are also welcome. Learn which varieties grow well in your area, meet expert gardeners and get many seed saving advice by attending National Seed Swap Day!

National Seed Swap Day 2018

National Seed Swap Day 2018 will be on Saturday, the 27 of January, 2018.

National Seed Swap Day is celebrated on the last Saturday of January in the U.S.

National Seed Swap Day History

The first National Seed Swap Day was held on the 26th of January, 2006. It was organized by Washington Gardener Magazine. When the event turned out to be a success, seed swaps in other cities of the U.S. have joined in celebrating the annual National Seed Swap Day.

National Seed Swap Day

Seed Swap is an event that gathers gardeners with different skill levels to exchange seeds, ideas, experiences and resources. Seed swapping can also be done online or through mail when participants are scattered geographically. Gardeners usually share seeds from their most successful yield or extra seeds they don’t intend to use. Seed swap categories may include edibles, exotics, natives, woodies (trees or shrubs), herbs, annuals and perennials.

One of the benefits of this swap is that you get to discover new varieties of seeds. The event is also a great way to learn which varieties grow best locally and the skills needed to produce better yields. By planting seeds from previous bountiful harvests, future yields can prove to be a success. And of course, there are free seeds offered to the community. It is a great help to consumers who wish to grow their own food due to the increase in cost of living.

Seed swapping has a great importance in preserving a culture. It allows people from foreign land to continue growing food they are used to. For others, the purpose of swapping is to preserve a dying heritage.

National Seed Swap Day Celebration

  • Grow your own plant from seed. You will both save and be sure your food is safe!
  • Begin germinating your seeds.
  • Browse and learn more about gardening through seed catalogs and websites.
  • Spread the word about National Seed Swap Day.
  • Organize a Seed Swap in your community. But be sure to check for instructions on how to do a Seed Swap event.
  • What else? Of course, attend a Seed Swap! No seeds to bring? Not a problem. Most events offer free seeds!

National Seed Swap Day 2019

National Seed Swap Day 2019 will be on Saturday, 26 of January, 2019.