Ice cream lovers would really consider this a feast.  Instead of having ice cream on a cone or cup, ice will be enjoyed as a cake, complete with fruits, nuts and everything! On National Spumoni Day or Spumoni Day is a celebration of the sweet goodness of this Italian creamery creation.

When is Spumoni Day 2017?

Spumoni Day 2017 is on Monday, August 21st, 2017.

Spumoni Day is celebrated once a year on August 21st.

How did Spumoni Day begin?

The Spumoni’s origin came from Naples, Italy.

Sources say this dessert is still popular there.  Immigrants also brought the Spumoni to America and it was introduced in 1870 with a different name.

But there isn’t any exact information on why Spumoni day is celebrated on August 21.  Perhaps because the ingredients, especially the fruits, are in-season and it is a good way to cool off during the summer. 

What will people do on Spumoni Day?

One great way of celebrating Spumoni day is to get one and eat! Spumoni lovers go to their favorite ice cream stores and have a slice of Spumoni.  Some stores hold upfront “Spumoni making”.  The Spumoni is topped with biscuits and cookies.  Another way of celebrating is making one’s own Spumoni at home then sharing the Spumoni with family and friends would end the day with a bang.  And for those with money to burn, why not travel to Naples and enjoy Spumoni in its native land?

The Other Name of Spumoni

The Spumoni has an ‘alter-ego.’  It is called the Neapolitan ice cream.  It can be noted from its name that this also came from Naples.  This is usually a tri-layered, tri-flavored ice cream placed in a mold and cut in slices when served.  The Spumoni is also made this way.  The difference is a Spumoni has fruits and nuts together with the ice cream.  The Neapolitan is just one ice cream, with three flavors, that is cut and served with garnishes.  It’s like giving the Spumoni a nice make-over. 

When is Spumoni Day 2018?

Spumoni Day 2018 is on Tuesday, August 21th, 2018.

The Spumoni is such a delightful treat.  Don’t miss this delicious occasion!