Old Rock Day existed to increase the awareness of the people about old rocks and fossils and let the people know its importance.

When is the Old Rock Day 2018?

Old Rock Day 2018 will be celebrated on January 7, 2018, Sunday.

Old Rock Day is an annual celebration being held every 7th day of January.

How to celebrate Old Rock Day?

The origin of Old Rock Day is not yet determined but still the people have lots of fun celebrating Old Rock Day. During this day people can do their own activities in relation with Old Rock Day.

You can:

  • Collect rocks, have an adventure and look for fossils and rocks.
  • Can teach other people about rocks or do some art work using rocks.

People are being creative and think of different activities that they can do every Old Rock Day.

When is the Old Rock Day 2019?

Old Rock Day will be celebrated on 7th of January 2019, Monday.