Psoriasis Day is a special day dedicated to give voice to psoriasis-affected patients’ health condition. This day highlights what situations psoriasis patients deal with everyday. By spreading awareness of psoriasis patients’ situation, more people will be encouraged to give them the kind of treatment and consideration they deserve.

Psoriasis Day 2017

Psoriasis Day this year will be celebrated on a Sunday, October 29.

Psoriasis Day is held annually every October 29.

Psoriasis Day History

Undoubtedly, psoriasis is a disease that can infect anyone. For this reason, groups dedicated to psoriasis worldwide brainstormed for a special day for psoriasis which will be observed annually. World Psoriasis Day began last 2004, spearheaded by the psoriasis association’s members and non members. This day was created with the aim of making more people know about psoriasis and what can be done about it.

Psoriasis- What is it?

Psoriasis, a non-contagious skin disease that can be classified into mild and moderate, is a condition caused by an immune system’s defective signals. This affects a person when skin cells called keratinocytes are replaced more quickly than usual. This excessive skin build-up can result to red, scaly and inflaming lesions. It could spread to any part of the body such as scalp, joints and limbs. Psoriasis-affected areas can itch, crack and bleed which can be a very painful experience. Since it is a skin-altering disease, this often leads to discrimination and other negative emotional experiences.

Psoriasis Facts You Should Know

1) Psoriasis has a possible hereditary factor. If you have psoriasis, it is likely that it was genetically handed down to you. 2) Psoriasis can be determined through history, skin biopsy and skin-infected examination. 3) Each psoriasis patient has different triggering factors. Stress, skin injury, bacterial and virus infections are among the few. 4) Psoriasis can affect a person’s life quality in many ways. Examples are emotional load, expensive medications and persisting symptoms such as itch and discomfort. 5)  Psoriasis can be affect body areas such as elbows, scalp and fingernails where skin lesions and dead skins are found.

World Psoriasis Day’s Objectives

1) Awareness Increase. When more people know about the facts of psoriasis, they will understand better of the affected ones’ needs. This will also establish connection among those who have psoriasis, lifting the discrimination against them. 2) Treatment Development. Psoriasis can’t be totally cured, but it can be regulated and monitored. With better access to quality health care, such as health care benefits, psoriasis patients can achieve the quality life they deserve. 3) Understanding Improvement. The aim is to educate more people about psoriasis. When the  disease is accurately understood, it can be dealt with openly and with consideration. 4) Build stronger rapport among psoriasis community. Psoriasis can cause an isolating condition to the  patient. It is the Psoriasis Day’s aim to eliminate this condition and create more connections not only to the sufferers but to those who share the sufferers’ difficulties.

Psoriasis Day 2018

Psoriasis Day 2018 will be celebrated on a Monday, October 29.