How would you describe peculiar people?  Would it be eccentric, unique, extraordinary or different?  Probably unconventional, bizarre, odd, quirky or rebellious would be your description of a peculiar person.  But is it not possible that you, in your own special way, do have some traits like that?  If so, let us all join in this year’s observance of the Peculiar People Day. 

When is the Peculiar People Day in 2018?

Peculiar People Day is on January 10, 2018, a Wednesday.

Peculiar People Day is always observed on the 10th day of January each year.

Origin and Purpose of the Peculiar People Day:

No official record had been found with regard to the initiator and purpose of this bizarre special day.  It had been noted though that this day is among the world’s greeting cards.  This day seemed to be especially set aside to recognize and appreciate the peculiar people in the world.  It is also a celebration of our own peculiar ways which makes us unique from each other.

Observance of the Peculiar People Day:

There are many fun ways to observe this special day.  Here are some suggestions but you can always creatively make your own to ensure a truly happy Peculiar People Day.

  • Spend some time at the hair salon and have your hair dyed blue, pink or yellow;
  • Do your groceries while listening to a dance music through your earphones and dance the day away;
  • If you have a pet, dress it up with some wigs and go for a walk at the nearby park;
  • Take your pet for a snack at a nearby café which allows pets and treat it like you would a friend;
  • Cook some strange yet edible food for the family;
  • Visit a mall and take pictures of unusual actions of people around;
  • Send your friends a weird message at Facebook informing them of the day’s event; or,
  • Go swimming on a beach as if it were summer. 

When is the Peculiar People Day in 2019?

Peculiar People Day is on January 10, 2019, a Thursday.

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