Play God Day is probably one of the most obscure special days in the calendar.  It is no surprise if its celebration will also be quite interesting, if not conflicting.  And why is this so?  Well, how you celebrate this special day will definitely show how you perceived God to be.  So, how do you plan to spend this year’s Play God Day?

When is the Play God Day in 2018?

Play God Day is on January 9, 2018, a Tuesday.

Play God Day is always observed on the 9th day of January each year.

Origin and Purpose of Play God Day:

No record had been found as to the initiator of this day or its objective in celebrating it.  E-card companies and greeting cards producers may be behind it unofficially though.  What we know is that this day is spent based on how you see God.  Thus, your activities will answer this question:  “What will you do if you are God?”

Observance of the Play God Day:

Considering a variety of opinions, we came up with a list of activities you may want to do on this year’s Play God Day.  If you see God, however, as someone who mediates and get involved in people’s lives, then do the same.  Should you end up with lots of hassles, don’t blame anyone else but yourself;

If you see God as someone good, now we can help you with some of our suggestions:

  • Learn by watching God-themed movies;
  • Play Pocket God at Facebook;
  • Create your own miracles by doing what your mother asks you do that you had always turned a deaf ear to;
  • Visit a sick friend and do your best to cheer him up to recovery;
  • Volunteer to help your neighbor in mowing his lawn after you have done the same in your own yard;
  • Thank God for His endless blessings in your life and the lives of those you love; or,
  • Forgive and let go of old grudges.

When is Play God Day in 2019?

Play God Day is on January 9, 2019, a Wednesday.

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