Days become special when they remind you of a person or an event.  The remembrance of a past or a planned future event adds colour to a day.  In a subjective perspective, it’s one of those reasons why people cherish life, why they persevere against all odds and continue to hope for better days.

When is the US Ratification Day in 2018?

The US Ratification Day is on January 14, 2018, a Sunday.

The US Ratification Day is always observed on the 14th day of each year.

Purpose of the US Ratification Day:

January 14 is the anniversary of the approval of the Treaty of Paris at the Maryland State House in Annapolis, Maryland on January 14, 1784.  This was done through the Confederation Congress marking the end of the American Revolution.

It established the United States of America as a sovereign entity through the Declaration of Independence.  Had this not happened, America would remain part of the British colonies and there’s nothing to celebrate every 4th of July.

Definition of Ratification Day:

It is a list of official or unofficial holidays or anniversaries which commemorate an important Act pertaining to sanction of an important treaty, end of a war or proclamation of independence of a state.

This is a global observance and can occur as frequent as necessary in different dates depending on a specific country.

US Ratification Day celebration:

This day is observed nationwide in the United States of America through gift giving.  Most businesses give tea coffee gifts, wine gift baskets, corporate gift baskets and sweet gifts.  The big celebration takes place on the 4th of July where lavish floats parade the streets with bands followed by much festivity.

Caesarean Section Day:

January 14 also celebrates the Caesarean Section Day.  This refers to delivery of a child through an operation.  The first North American doctor to perform a successful caesarean section was Dr. Jesse Bennett.  In 1794, he operated on his wife, Elizabeth, in their humble home in Virginia without the use of antiseptics and equipment.

National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day:

Another special day celebrated on January 14 is the National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day.  This day honours the sandwich filling which was created out of necessity arising from the absence of refrigeration in the olden days.  Food needed to be cured to preserve it for future use.  Thus, the fresh beef brisket needed to be brined transforming it to corned beef.  Pastrami is the result when the corned beef is smoked.

When is the US Ratification Day in 2019?

The US Ratification Day is on January 14, 2019, a Monday.