“We have in our power to begin the world over again.”  This is a famous line written by Thomas Paine in his pamphlet “Common Sense.”  Though written in 1776, this line holds true even today. It is a testimony of mankind’s capacity to learn from its mistakes and correct it to protect his children and the world’s future generations.

When is the Thomas Paine Day in 2018?

The Thomas Paine Day is on January 29, 2018, a Monday.

The Thomas Paine Day is always celebrated on the 29th of January each year.

Who is Thomas Paine?

Thomas Paine was born in Thetford, England on January 29, 1737.  In 1774, he arrived in America upon the request of Benjamin Franklin.  He is a courageous free thinker whose life’s works inspired great social and political advancement.  He played an important role in the American and French revolution.

The Origin and Purpose of the Thomas Paine Day:

Thomas Paine Day is commonly known as the Free Thinkers Day.  The date was chosen being Thomas Paine’s birthday in 1737.  Its first celebration was on January 29, 1990 initiated by the Truthseeker magazine.

This day aims to promote free thought through the life and works of Tomas Paine.  Free thought supports reason over faith and rejects arbitrary authority.  The special day is aimed to educate the public on the value of Thomas Paine in the history of freedom.

The Thomas Paine Day celebration:

The celebration of this day is supported by the Tomas Paine Foundation.  It is best observed in schools in line with its purpose of education.  Activities include having study groups reading Thomas Paine’s books and pamphlets, picking up famous lines and sharing interpretations relevant to the modern times.  His famous works include “The Rights of Man,” “Common Sense,” and “The Age of Reason.”

When is the Thomas Paine Day in 2019?

The Thomas Paine Day is on January 29, 2019, a Tuesday.