Tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…doesn’t it remind you of the sound of the clock?  And when the sound hastens, don’t you feel the urgency?  It results to that feeling for the need to rush, to cram and to fight the rising panic of one running out of time!

When is the Tick Tock Day in 2017?

Tick Tock Day will be celebrated on December 29, 2017, a Friday.

Tick Tock Day is always the 29th day of December each year.

The origin of the Tick Tock Day:

There is no record for the origin of the Tick Tock Day.  This is an unofficial holiday listed as strange or inexplicable.  Yet no one can deny the fact that this day exists.

This bizarre holiday is always observed two days before the end of the year.  This is the time when a person looks back to what had transpired during the year.  Accomplishments are noted, as well as lessons learned from failures.  This is also the time to rush unfinished business so as not to be carried to the New Year.

How is the Tick Tock Day celebrated?

This day is celebrated by completing tasks on hand, such as, ensuring all holiday gifts are delivered, purchase all things in the grocery list for the New Year’s celebration, or acquiring a planner for the next year.  Basing on the events that transpired in the year, new plans are formulated geared towards the set goal.  A new year’s resolution is prepared and a to-do list for the next year is made ready.

Pepper Pot Day:

As we celebrate Tick Tock Day, we are also reminded of the soup that won the war.  This is the pepper pot, a spicy soup created in 1777, which was served to the Continental army during the winter season. The Pepper Pot Day is also observed every 29th of December each year.

When is the Tick Tock Day in 2018?

Tick Tock Day will be celebrated on December 29, 2018, a Saturday.