Visiting London during the Trafalgar Day celebration would be an interesting tour.  This special commemorative day is widely observed across the United Kingdom.  Should you find the United Kingdom too far, you may try Australia on the same event date.  A Trafalgar Day ball is celebrated on a Friday or Saturday nearest its event day.

When is the Trafalgar Day in 2017?

Trafalgar Day is on October 21, 2017, a Saturday

Trafalgar Day is always celebrated, in the United Kingdom, on the 21st day of October, each year.

Origin and Purpose of the Trafalgar Day:

Trafalgar Day is a festival commemorating the victory over the Spanish and French fleets by the British Royal Navy.  It was Vice-Admiral Horacio Nelson who stood in command, on October 21, 1885, at the historic battle of Trafalgar.  This event had then been celebrated annually for all British people to remember one of their most salient military historical victories.

Trafalgar Day Celebration:

The celebration of the Trafalgar Day consists of gala, events, town parades and a grand procession at the Trafalgar Square in London.  Community dinners are also organized, as well as traditional observances:

  • Wreath laying at the statue of Lord Nelson in Birmingham by its Lord Mayor wearing 18th century clothing;
  • Flying of flags from the Nelson Monument on Carlton Hill; and,
  • Decorating Lord Nelson’s statue with laurel and flowers.

On a personal level, this day may be spent reviewing United Kingdom’s history.  Assisting in the increase of awareness of this day may also be done through posting articles or greetings at the social media sites.  Sending eCards and joining local events are also highly recommended.  For people outside the United Kingdom, visiting London or other tourist destinations in the country is also an interesting way to join the Trafalgar Day festivities.

When is the Trafalgar Day in 2018?

Trafalgar Day is on October 21, 2018, a Sunday.

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