Wiggle Your Toes Day 2017

Wiggle your toes day is one fine celebration because your “feet fingers” will get the exercise they always needed.  It is on this day the toes will get their dose of sunshine. Wiggle your toes day is also a good time to kick off your shoes, relax and enjoy the sand on your feet.

When is Wiggle Your Toes Day 2017?

Wiggle Your Toes Day is on Sunday August 6th, 2017.

Wiggle Your Toes Day  is celebrated every year on the 6th of August.

What will people do on Wiggle Your Toes Day?

Basically, people take their shoes off and go barefoot.  They then give “treats” to their toes like pedicures or foot massages so as to show their own feet that they care for them.  They also hit their own pools or go to the beach and dip their feet in the water and splash about.  They also indulge in feet trivia to know more about the lower extremities. 

How did Wiggle Your Toes Day begin?

There is no known creator for Wiggle Your Toes Day.  But whoever thought about giving a taken-for-granted body part its holiday should know that this was such a brilliant idea.  Oftentimes, it is only when a person experiences foot discomfort that they begin to think about their feet.  It is because the feet especially the toes are always confined inside a shoe and hardly gets exposure.

They may wash it every day but do they take extra precaution to protect it from fungal infections among many others?  Why are the athlete’s foot, erythrasma, abscess and ingrown nail very common? Why is wiggling your toes very important?

Feet Care

Have you visited your podiatrist?  Do you even know who or what a podiatrist is? This is the feet doctor who helps you in taking care of your feet.  The podiatrist does examination, diagnoses and treats feet diseases.  From your ankles to your toes, which should be the stars on wiggle your toes day, the podiatrist knows everything about the feet.

Even in cases such as diabetes, fracture or paralysis, the podiatrist recommends the best regimen in order to have the feet taken care of and one of them is wiggling the toes.  This will indicate if the person can still feel sensations on their feet or not anymore.

When is Wiggle Your Toes Day 2018?

Wiggle Your Toes Day will be on Monday August 6, 2018.

So next year, be ‘on your toes;’ make sure they are always clean and dry before wearing socks or closed shoes.  The goal in choosing footwear should always be safety and comfort first then style, last.  Love your feet because they are the ones who will take you places.  They are the ones who help you ‘stand your ground’ and keep your ‘balance.’