Sadly it is true that a third of the world’s population do not have access to toilets.  Mostly in rural areas worldwide, people defecate in open spaces as animals do.  The exposure of human waste is the perfect breeding ground for germs which is easily circulated by insects and animals.  Please participate in this year’s observance of the World Toilet Day and make the world a better place for humans to live in.

When is the World Toilet Day in 2017?

World Toilet Day is on November 19, 2017, a Sunday.

World Toilet Day is always observed worldwide on the 19th day of November each year.

Origin and Purpose of the World Toilet Day:

The World Toilet Day had always be a major project of the World Toilet Organization.  On November 19, 2013, it was officially recognized and supported by the United Nations.  It seeks to make hygiene for all a global main concern in all countries’ national development programs.  It aims to endorse public consciousness of the need for enough toilets for the betterment of people’s wellness and save human lives.

Observance of the World Toilet Day:

In line with the set goals of the World Toilet Day, all forms of media are encouraged to participate in covering the events.  Online protests and information dissemination are usually undertaken by many groups and organizations.  The activities prepared calls for all individuals to get involve in solving this serious problem rampant in third world countries.

Social and civic groups, as well as government institutions, are appealed to build more toilets in the poor communities worldwide.  People may help forward the cause by making donations through cash, kind or services.  Fundraisers are much welcomed where the proceeds are donated to the creation of more public toilets and their maintenance.

When is the World Toilet Day in 2018?

The World Toilet Day is on November 19, 2018, a Monday.

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