The Christian calendar is filled with holy days commemorating special events cited in the Holy Bible.  Though Christianity has many factions, all groups unitedly celebrate the same holy days.  Factions occur due to differences in interpretation of the Holy Bible.  But, at the end of the day, belief in the same God is what matters most.

When is Ascension Day in 2017?

Ascension Day is on May 25, 2017, a Thursday.

Ascension Day is generally observed, all over the world, on the 40th day of Easter each year (always Thursday).

The Origin and Purpose of the Ascension Day:

Ascension Day is among the oldest Christian holy days.  It started as early as 68 CE or 4AD based on the Julian or Gregorian calendars.  This eventful day honours the ascension to heaven of Jesus Christ as recorded in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.  It also remembers the day when Jesus Christ brought the 12 disciples to Mount Olives to witness His ascension.

The Ascension Day Celebration:

Ascension Day signify the end of the Easter season which is ten days before Pentecost.  In many countries worldwide, this day had also been declared a public holiday.  In Lutheran churches, church service features the putting off and removal of the Paschal candle after the Gospel reading.  As this day is also a Day of Prayer, a special church service is held with the participation of cathedral choirs.

Solemnity is highly observed in churches giving emphasis on reflection.  Processions are done while others do church crawl.  The latter involves believers to go from one church to another to join various prayer events.  In other countries, church gatherings follow the church visit.  Potluck picnics at the park consist of spring food.  Sporting events, such as, bike tours and marathons are also organized.

Ascension Day Trivia:

Many cities in Europe hold cultural events on Ascension Day.  In many churches, the liturgical colour of Ascension Day, which is white, serves as motif for the day.  Symbols are also used in decorating the church for the event.  These symbols include:

  • Christ ascending
  • Broken shackle
  • Birds in flight homeward
  • Elijah’s flaming chariot
  • Opening entrances
  • Dragon conquered by a lion

When is the Ascension Day in 2018?

Ascension Day is on May 10, 2018, a Thursday.