Have you ever experienced an awkward moment you could not get out of your head? It could be that you embarrassed yourself in front of your crush, family, friends or even your boss. From walking into the wrong bathroom, getting into an “I thought you were someone else” scenario or walking in on people making out—we all know what an awkward moment is.  Awkward moments can range from funny, embarrassing to utterly weird. But hey, everyone’s had their share of awkward moments at some point in their lives and Awkward Moments Day is for commemorating those times and laughing together about them.

Awkward Moments Day 2018

Awkward Moments Day 2018 happens on Sunday, March 18.

Awkward Moments Day always happens on March 18.

Awkward Moments Day Origin

There is not a lot of information about where or when the Awkward Moments Day actually began. But what is known about it is Awkward Moments Day was to be celebrated after St. Patrick’s Day.

Awkward Moments Day Celebration

  • Have a party with all your friends with games that talk about your awkward experiences and maybe have someone dress as the Awkward Turtle.
  • Go on marathon of the series Awkward with friends and family who are teens and above.
  • Post photos on social media that commemorate you and your friends’ awkward moments, if you are lucky to capture any of them.
  • Submit a story of your most awkward moment to a local paper or the internet to make for an interesting read.
  • If you are good with kids, volunteer to talk in schools about the Awkward Moments Day and have children make their own drawings of their awkward moments so the young ones also learn how to laugh at themselves and be less embarrassed.

Awkward Moment Day Facts

  • Awkward Moments Day is usually celebrated with a mascot called the Awkward Turtle.
  • Although commonly celebrated areas of the United States, Awkward Moments Day is now also celebrated in some other countries of the world.
  • Aside from being Awkward Moments Day, March 18 is also National Oatmeal Cookie Day, National Biodiesel Day and National Sloppy Joe Day.

Awkward Moments Day 2019

Awkward Moments Day 2019 will be Monday, March 18.