Baby Day 2017

Curiosity will advise us that this day is time to remember the babies time to show them love, affection and cherished every moment with them. They are God’s priceless gift to parents. Couples who became new parents need to dedicate enough time with their babies for they will be infants for a short span of time only.

When is Baby Day 2017

Baby day 2017 will be celebrated on Tuesday May 2nd.

Baby Day is always celebrated May 2nd.

Origin of Baby Day

Who could resist the smirking, stunning and innocent looks of a baby as to why and where this day was originated is a puzzle. Anybody who has a baby, crave for a baby, or who recognized a baby could register endless reason why babies are unique. They give’s joy, happiness and strong desire to anybody and become good individual.

As to when Baby Day was started is still unknown, no identified facts. Everyone who became parents are celebrating Baby Day every day. After long months of waiting for the blessed day to come and finally meeting your baby is a miracle. Welcoming your baby to the world convey joy and happiness especially to new parents. Here comes an endless time of caring, feeding, nursing, changing of diapers and even waking up at night to feed them.

For lot of couples this daily encounter is bonding time with baby, until the time they give their first smile, crawl and  the first moment he stand up brings ecstasy and beatitude to  parents thus Baby Day need to be remembered everyday .

How to Celebrate Baby Day

Show your affection and love to your babies on this day. For new couples who are aspiring for babies celebrate this day by treating a niece or nephew outside and prove to them how lucky you are that they are just an arm reach. Bonding time is the perfect choice for parents it enables mom and dad to show passionate affection with their babies. However for couples who are not fortunate to have baby prepare a gift and give to an expectant mother in your neighborhood.

Facts about Baby Day

  • Do you know that the movie shown in 1913 Baby Day is black and white and silent movie.
  • In Australia there is one community that celebrate Baby’s Day Out weekend from October 26 and 27 where babies are brought outside to be breastfed anywhere and anytime.

Baby Day 2018

Baby Day will be remembered on Wenesday May 2nd.