When you say American breakfast, what comes to your mind?  Eggs, toasted bread or mashed potatoes, bacon or sausage or corned beef, fruits and coffee or hot cocoa, right?  Eggs may be scrambled, fried or boiled.  Toasted bread may be high fibre or white.  Fruit choices are usually whatever is in season.  And if you choose bacon, would you like it crisp, crunchy or soft?

When is the Bacon Day in 2017?

Bacon Day is on August 30, 2017, a Wednesday.

Bacon Day is always the Saturday before Labor Day each year.

The Origin of the Bacon Day:

Bacon Day is an unofficial international holiday which is dedicated to bacon, a pork meat cured in salt.  This started in 2000 by the residents of Craig in Bradford, Massachusetts.  In the United States of America, bacon comes from the pork’s belly.  In other countries, bacon may be made from the pork’s back or side.  Its curing process may be in brine or simply by dry packing.  After curing, bacon is either dried for weeks or months in cold air or smoked.

Bacon Day celebration:

Bacon Day is a social event.  During this day, people gather to create and share dishes with bacon.  Bacon may be grilled, fried, boiled or baked.  When cut into small pieces, it may be used as garnishing or toppings to other dishes, such as salads, boiled potatoes or pasta.

At times, cooking competitions are held in meal categories.  Innovative and original recipes would win for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, soup and appetizer.  At the end of the day, all prepared dishes featuring bacon is shared by all the participants and guests.

When is the Bacon Day in 2018?

Bacon Day will be on September 1, 2018, a Saturday.

Similar Days:

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