Undeniably, balloons actuate a sense of fun and childlike ambience.  Balloons Around the World Day is a special day for balloon enthusiasts to display their balloon twisting and decorating skills and for others to enjoy it.

Balloons Around the World Day 2014

Balloons Around the World Day 2014 will happen on a Wednesday, 1st of October.

Balloons Around the World Day happens every first Wednesday of October.

Balloons Around the World Day Origin

This particular special day, Balloons Around the World Day, has since given enjoyment to lots of people. Although it does not hold any records of its origin, everyone is highly encouraged to participate in this special day even in simple ways such as giving a personalized balloon or participating in balloon decorating activities.

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Join the Balloon Festival 2014 Delight

Don’t pass up the opportunity to take part and spread the fun of the balloon festivity. What are the things you could do?

  1. Make balloon surprises to your officemates or schoolmates.
  2. Have a balloon story time together with children. Discover the origin of balloons and their varied stories.
  3. Learn how to decorate and twist your way around the balloon. The finished products such as flower-shaped or animal-shaped balloons could indeed bring a delight. Don’t forget to give it as a surprise to your loved ones.
  4. Are you familiar with Newton’s Law of Motion? A balloon can be used as a good illustration for this. Learn its fascinating theory and compare them with your own.

Balloons Around the World Day 2015

Balloons Around the World Day 2015 will happen on a Wednesday, 4th of October.