Dolls had forever been the young girls’ first friends.  At age one, they function their mom’s temporary replacement, liken to a security blanket.  Throughout the day, they serve as playmates feeding on the child’s imagination.  And at night time, dolls comfort them with their presence as they sleep.  As the child grows, sad to note, dolls are put aside and replaced by different toys.

When is the Barbie Day in 2018?

Barbie Day is on the 9th day of March 2018, a Friday.

Barbie Day is usually celebrated within the United States of America on the 9th day of March annually.

The Origin and Purpose of the Barbie Day:

Barbie Day celebrates Barbie’s birthday, the day the doll was presented to the market at New York’s American International Toy Fair on March 9, 1959.  Barbie is the world’s best doll known for its height of eleven inches tall with long hair, and is certainly a world image being the primary factory-made toy doll in America with adult built.

Barbie is named after Barbara, the daughter of Ruth and Elliot Handler, the founders of Mattel, Incorporated.  This company produces the Barbie dolls and its seemingly endless accessories.  It is also known for being the company to first broadcast commercials to youngsters.  Due to consumer demand, the company also produced Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken, in 1961, named after Barbara’s brother.

The Barbie Day celebration:

The best way to observe this day is to host Barbie-themed birthday parties where guests may be encouraged to come in Barbie-inspired fashion attire with a Barbie doll in tow.  For those who have no Barbie doll yet, buying the latest issue would be nice.  Adding a new accessory to the Barbie collection would also be perfect!  Watching a Barbie movie is another pleasant way to celebrate the day.

As Mattel, Inc. also produced Midge, Barbie’s bosom friend, Midge, and tiny sister Skipper, in 1963 and 1964 respectively, an impromptu story can also be created where lots of teens can take part.  Every guest can select the personality of her Barbie for the day, such as, an airline flight attendant, pilot, doctor, astronaut, a U. S. president candidate, Olympic player or a royal princess.

When is the Barbie Day 2019 ?

The Barbie Day in 2019 is on March 9, 2019, a Saturday.

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