Do you want an instant vacation without the traveling expenses? Then throw your arms up in the air and laugh out loud! No kidding! Laughter fuels positive energy and lightens a gloomy situation. What more? It is free, yet has many benefits. Can you believe that? Laughter is a language that people in different parts of the world understand. So celebrate this gift and laugh till your stomach hurts this Belly Laugh Day!

Belly Laugh Day 2018

Belly Laugh Day 2018 will create chuckles on Wednesday, January 24, 2018.

Belly Laugh Day is always celebrated on the 24th of January.

Belly Laugh Day Origin

Belly Laugh Day was first celebrated in 2006. The bellman of this day (she prefers to be called “bellman” than “founder”) is Elaine Helle, a certified laughter yoga teacher. Global Belly Laugh Day’s symbol is a smiling sun with seven rays and dimples 1 and 24 (reflecting the date).

This day has three intentions. First is to celebrate and remember past laughter. Next, connect with positive laughter. Last, learn the health, high achievement and happiness benefits of laughing out loud!

Benefits of Laughter

  • A good hearty laugh can boost our immune system and lessen stress. A study shows that even just thinking of future humorous events decreases levels of stress hormones.
  • Laughter is said to cause the tissue lining our blood vessels to expand thus increasing blood flow.
  • Laughter gives positive energy, connection and creativity.
  • It increases pain tolerance and improves brain functioning.
  • Laughing changes our mood and creates positive emotions.
  • It exercises our facial, chest and abdominal muscles.
  • Laughter keeps marriages and families alive and workmates in good terms.

Belly Laugh Day Celebration

  • Spread the word about Belly Laugh Day. Send out emails or put up posters.
  • Take the Laughing Oath and smile in advance.
  • Look through old pictures and laugh at the crazy clothes, hairstyles and pose you had.
  • Retell funny stories and unforgettable humorous moments!
  • Show that sense humor of yours by sharing funny jokes.
  • Watch comedy videos with your family and friends and hear a lot of chuckles!
  • Play with your children and laughter will come naturally.
  • Make sure you inform others about the holiday before laughing out loud in public. Or else, they’ll think you’re crazy!

Belly Laugh Day 2019

Belly Laugh Day 2019 will be enjoyed on Thursday, January 24, 2019.

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