Black Friday at Canada was patterned from the United States’ Black Friday. Since the success of United States’ Black Friday, Canadians were encouraged to avail the cheap discounts mainly for gift-giving purposes. Until such time that Canadians established their own Black Friday mainly to boost Canadian economy.

Black Friday at Canada 2017

In 2017, Black Friday happens near the end of November. This year, it falls on a Friday, November 24.

Black Friday is celebrated on Friday after the Thanksgiving (in the last friday in November.)

Black Friday Fever in Canada

Traditionally, Black Fridays are celebrated right after Thanksgiving in the United States. However, although Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on a different day, some Canadians venture all the way across the border to United States to share the Black Friday discounts.

Why do Canadians go to such distance for the Black Friday event? The two strong reasons are, Black Friday’s decidedly cheap prices and Canadian’s stronger dollar. However, since 2008 and 2009, American and Canadian dollar equivalents have almost reached to parity, some Canadian businessmen and retailers started to run Black Friday. This business movement has a goal of making Canadians focus on not crossing the borders to United States.

Black Friday at Canada 2018

Next year, Canada’s Black Friday will fall on November 23.