BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS 2019 – World Animal Day

The Blessing of the Animals day (also called World Animal Day) is somehow a religious rite and custom for most people all around the world. But for most animal lovers, this is the time for them and for their animal companion to be recognized of having a genuine relationship of trust and loyalty with each other.

When is Blessing of the Animals 2019

Blessing of the Animals  2019 will take place on a Friday, 4th day of October.

Blessing of the Animals is always celebrated on October 4.

Blessing of the Animals Origin

Blessing of the Animals is being observed and celebrated in commemoration of St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) who is the Patron Saint of animals and the environment, said to be a lover of all creatures in the Roman Catholic religion.

In the Roman Catholic tradition, people will take the animals or their pets to church with them for a special dedication. Technically, a Sunday closest to October 04, is the Blessing of the Animals that is why various churches around the world observe this special day for animals.

However, there is no direct information as to when it all started. But this is an ideal day for us to put into remembrance that animals are to be given so much value and importance because the love that we give to our pets and the love that we receive from them draw us closer and deeper to our mutual relationship to our Creator. Might as well enjoy and take a hold of this wonderful opportunity every year.

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How to celebrate the Blessing of the Animals

In the Holy Scriptures, the word “Blessing” simply means an impartation of life and power over a person. “To bless” is beyond just a manifestation of benevolence and altruism. It is a conveyance of God’s power in the flesh. During this day, animals are brought to the church for a verbal blessing or prayer with the sprinkle of a holy water. But sometimes animal blessing is held outdoors where all different animals and livestock can gather. Other animals that cannot behave mannerly with other animals around them, only their photos are brought to the church. Here are the ways to give attention to this day and enjoy your time with your animal companion:

  1. Donate an Animal food or blanket. During this celebration, animal owners are highly encouraged to donate food and other animal necessities to any local animal shelter in the surrounding city.
  2. Animal rights organization has the opportunity to train children. Educating them about abused and mistreated animals and those that are endangered and what can be done to save them and protect them from other people’s cruelty.
  3. Visit an animal shelter and zoos. Being exposed to animal’s way of living will in some way touch your heart and will make you realize that they are supposed to be taken care of and not mistreated.
  4. Spend more time with your animal companion. Express your affection for your own pet. Nobody is going to love your pet better than you. Play and enjoy this day with them.

Blessing of the Animals 2020

Blessing of the Animals 2020 will be observed on a Sunday, October 4.

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