To commemorate George Washington Carver’s various achievements as a famed agricultural scientist, educator and humanitarian that not only benefited himself but other people mostly, annually at July 13, Carver Day is being celebrated.

George Washington Carver Day 2018

George Washington Carver Day 2018  will take place on a Friday, 5th of January. (some people celebrate the George Washington Carver Day 2018 on a Friday, 13th of July.)

George Washington Carver Day is always celebrated on 13th of July. George Washington Carver Day is always celebrated on 5th of January.

George Carver Facts

George Washington Carver, whose exact birth date is unknown, was able to accomplish much during his lifetime. Initially, he was able to work in agricultural extension at the Tuskegee Institute. Then in Tuskegee, Alabama, he taught former slaves about farming techniques for self-sufficiency. To fully extend his education to farmers, he designed a mobile school called a Jesup Wagon. Among his significant accomplishments include his discovery of the three hundred uses for peanuts.

On January 5, 1943, after a terrible fall down the stairs at his own home and an anemia complication, at the age of 78, George Washington Carver died.

Carver’s Day, A Day to Honor Greatness

Carver’s brilliance and diligence in the agricultural advancement is part only of what makes him great. He also left a legacy, the George Washington Carver National Monument which was fully built on July 14, 1943. This park holds exhibition of George Washington Carver’s contribution to history, culture, nature and science.

George Washington Carver Day 2019

George Washington Carver Day 2019 will take place on a Saturday, 13th of July.  George Washington Carver Day 2019  will also take place on Saturday, 5th of January.